Levitating Kid

Wow, check out this picture of a levitating kid above the water. This is amazing magic because if you look at the pic, you have no idea how the levitating child got there. It’s very funny photography, we guess he is practicing his hover or levitation moves while on vacation in the ocean. If some can explain how this levitating kid is performing this move, we’d love to hear from you.

Funny Cat Pic

We all know everyone loves a cute and funny cat pic. Check out this cat that means business and wants his owner to stay faithful to only him or her. Check back later for more great and funny cat pics!

Nothing like some good ol’ redneck jokes and this picture of a funny redneck holding some budweiser. With the Super Bowl tomorrow it looks like we could use a 6-pack of the same. Let’s go Giants!

Funny Pics of Justin Bieber

Wow, these new Justin Bieber pictures have me laughing so hard because these are the best funny pics of Justin Bieber ever released! Someone took the time to Photoshop a bunch of different hairstyles on the popular singer Justin Bieber. Girls all over the world love the teen sensations, and these funny pics of Justin Bieber are to die for. Imagine all the young teens who thought he really shaved his head bald. Justin Bieber bald? All these were found at New Justin Bieber and young girls would be crying their eyes out if it were true. Hit the jump to see the whole collection of funny pics of Justin Bieber.

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Funny Pics of Animals

Here is a collection of some great funny pics of animals when they are least expecting a picture taken. We gathered everything from cats and dogs, to hamsters and alligators. Sometimes all you need to do is step outside into the wild to get a great laugh. There will be plenty more funny pics of […]

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Funny Pics of People

Funny pics of people are all over the place, it only takes a little searching with our friend Google. Many people take stupid but funny pictures of themselves doing pointless things. We have gathered this gallery of photos for you to browse. Hopefully you won’t be caught in this funny pics of people archive. Stay […]

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How We Know MTV and Other TV is all Bull

This TV show Next just confirms that all reality television and many shows on MTV are bull. They are all scripted from the beginning, and the people who they claim to be real innocent strangers, are really all actors. They are told what to do because they know what will get high ratings on TV. […]

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How to Stay in Shape: STOP EATING!

This is the perfect example of why Americans and many people around the world are getting so fat, they just can’t stay in shape. I mean why on earth would you even waste the money building two mini escalators. I could see a wheelchair ramp being reasonable. Honestly, if the person going to the gym […]

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Dog Farts on Cat

This cat was stopped in it’s tracks when it smelled the fart coming from the dog.  Shows that even animals can’t deal with bad smelling farts.

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Fat Baby

Wow this lady is pretty big, but are those feet coming out of her jacket?!  Yep, that is definitely a baby and it’s head is now her replacement fat.  I guess the new way of taking care of your baby is suffocating them.

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